From our vision we will help children to move in a versatile way. We offer sport activities and movement that is tailored for the developmental motor skills, like aiming, balancing, shooting, jumping, falling, etc. This means we will offer your child a large variety of sports. One week we will play soccer, the next week this can be judo or volleyball.

Our sport programming is inspired by the ‘Athletic Skills Model’ (ASM). Studies show that (top) athletes practiced a variety of different sports, and benefitted from this in their achievements. Variety also lowers the chance of injuries and contributes to a long life of healthy movement. The ASM is a practical and scientific grounded development model for everyone that moves. It ensures better performance, less injuries, more creativity and more fun!

Moving is beneficial for health. By moving through sports your child will learn skills that can be beneficial in society.

Plan a tour?

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A few advantages of sport and movement:

  • Physical education improves emotional and social skills of students
  • Sports have a positive influence on learning of children
  • Sports gives you self confidence
  • Sports give you energy
  • Sports contribute to mental health
  • Sports make you resilient, learn children how to cope with adversities (losing, for example)
  • Sports contribute to physical health