Our rates are gross rates. At the end you will pay less with childcare allowance. At the Dutch tax administration, you can apply for the allowance in ‘my allowances’.

App Childcare allowance

Do you get childcare allowance? With the app you can look at the allowance for this year and make changes.

You can make the following changes:

  • Change the childcare hours or hourly rate
  • Change the childcare facility (also for siblings)
  • Change your, or your partners income.

Will the childcare stop? You can also submit this through the app.


App Child care allowance download

  • For IOS devices you can download the app in the App Store.
  • For Android devices you can download the app in Google Play.

Rates 2024

Included in rates below are activities, food and drinks, transport to and from school and outings during school holidays.

BSO 49 weeks

€ 10,75 per hour


Clarification on rates BSO:

  • The rate for the BSO is always without the schedules free days and study days of the school. If you would like BSO on these days, you will need to request this two weeks in advance. If the day is not a contracted weekday, your child is most welcome. Day care is only possible with a minimum of 4 children. Fees for the scheduled days off and study days will be calculated with the hourly rate that is in your contract.
  • Included in rates below are workshops, activities, food and drinks and outings during school holidays.
  • Hours for BSO including school holidays are calculated as follows: 40 school weeks with 3.5 hours BSO per day, and 9 holiday weeks with 11 hours BSO per day.
  • We use 49 weeks BSO in our calculations due to the closure in the 2nd and 3d week at summerholiday and at Christmas.
  • We will invoice per month based on the rate per year in your contract. You will receive the invoice at the start of the month concerning that specific month. The amount will be invoiced around the 24th of the month (with December as an exception due to our Christmas closure.
  • Notice period is one month and can start at any day during the month. Termination needs to be done by email or letter. For decrease in number of days the same procedure applies. Changing the contract from ‘including school holidays’ to ‘only school weeks’ and the other way around can only be done per January 1st.
  • All monthly rates are rounded rates.
  • Explanation BSO 49 weeks – flexible package during school holidays: when your child for example normally comes on monday during school weeks, at school holidays it is possible to change the day when child ratio allows it.